Summer Series with The Myriad

- Summer 2018 -

The Myriad's Summer series has officially kicked off! Let's call it a few "mini Art Nights" featuring some dope NYC up and coming artists, a summer backyard, and free drinks ... literally couldn't dream this up.

We are partnering with In Support Of, Bira 91 Beer, and donating some processes to Boys and Girls Club of Manhattan. Everything I could have dreamed when starting this collective less than a year ago!


Thread Mag Release Party

- June 23rd, 2018 -

The Myriad is hosing The Thread Mag presents the release of their second issue, "Translation." Welcome in a new season of artists and collaborators with this summer kick-off. With musical performances by Layna, Ms. White, Halima, Cha'ves and DJ Aliki, exclusive offers on our print addition, and a rumored open bar, it is sure to be a night to remember.

Tickets Can be purchased Here!


Twelfth Night

- May 24 - 26, 2018 -

One Fear Presents their second show of the season, Twelfth Night. Rachel will be playing Valentine and Antonio in the company's spring production!


Downtown Urban Arts Festival

- April 21st, 2018 -

Rachel is starring as Eleanor in Anghus Houvouras's play A Civilized World.

An opioid addict is sentenced to death in the near future where being an unproductive member of society is a capital offense. The play centers on the condemned, Eleanor Reed, and her final conversation with Andrew Goodman, a life long government shill tasked with explaining the value of her sacrifice.

You can check it out on Broadway World here!
Tickets can be purchased here!

Art Night

- April 6 & 7, 2018 -

Our Spring show had arrived! April 6 & 7. Excited to be newly located in the west village at The Greenwich Music School.

You can check out the event here!
Tickets can be purchased here!

Rachel is the Creative Director of The Myriad - an artists collective who celebrates new work and produces Art Night.

She will be showing her own visual art and poetry in the April show.


Romeo and Juliet

- March 1 - 3, 2018 -

Rachel is taking on the Role of Lady Capulet in One Fear's upcoming production of Romeo and Juliet directed by Will Cary at The Hive. She is also producing the show!

Jan art night poster insta alternative.jpg

Art Night

- January 12 + 13, 2018 -

The first Art Night of 2018 has arrived! The event is back with new artists, a new ticket price, and is being produced by the brand new artists collective The Myriad.

Rachel is hosting the event as well as displaying her original poetry.

The Myriad Logo.jpg

- January 2018 -

Rachel can't stop talking about The Myriad. She is too-freakin-excited to be the creative director and co-producer of The Myriad. An event which produces Art Night; an exhibition featuring poets, painters, photographers, filmmakers, dancers, actors, comedians, writers, and singer/songwriters! The goal of ART NIGHT: To give a platform to emerging artists creating new work! More to come! Check out our website

Screen Shot 2018-02-09 at 5.12.47 PM.png

"Be, Calm, Camilla!"

- November 18, 2017 -

Rachel is playing the lovely, cultured, diva of Celia Brooke - A Lady of Leisure, at Equity Library's reading of the 1922 play "Be Calm, Camilla!" Directed by Johnny Culver. You can find out about the show on Broadway World here!


Art Night

- October 20th, 2017 -

Rachel is hosting Art Night - a new artists exhibition featuring artists of all backgrounds and mediums showcasing new work. The event will consist of a cocktail hour featuring visual art, films, poetry, and singer/songwriters. Followed by a performance hour made up of actors, performers, comedians, dancers, singers, poets, and many more! It is a dream to work with a community of artists supporting each others thoughts and creations. Come grab a drink and talk about your next project.


My Career Suicide Notet

- October 14th, 2017 -

Rachel is directing the one-man show My Career Suicide Note written by Anghus Houvouras, starring Matt Welsh, and adapted by Jeremy F Richter.

Emerging Artist Theatre's New Work Series is a great opportunity to see some exciting, cutting edge works from up and coming masters of the medium.


Equity Library Theater Summer 2017 Play Festival

- August 19th -

Rachel is acting in and directing the play Penmanship written by Anghus Houvouras, featuring actors Will Carry and Ram Kanneganti. You can find out more information

The piece won for best comedy of the festival!


Science Fair

- July 27th - August 4th 2017 -

Rachel is making her Off-Broadway directing debut with Science Fair: A Game Changing New Musical. Book, music and Lyrics by Kyle Reid Hass and Jeremy Swanton. You can find out more information at here!


Law & Order Spec SVU

(A One-Act Play)

- May 11th, 2017 -

Taking on the iconic role of Olivia Benson, Rachel is pursing serious crime; a serial butt slasher on the loose in Manhattan but your favorite elite squad of dedicated detectives is on the case!
A Play in One Act by Mollie Gillespie, Celeste Rose Crawford, and Michael Sarnoff
Directed by Enzo Gattuccio.


Certified Yoga Teacher

- April 2017 -

After 10 weeks, 200 hours, and a life-time of breathing Rachel is a certified yoga teacher! She is thankful for the journey and can't wait to see where the road ahead leads. It's all about the process. Rachel will continue to practice and teach always.


Alien's Coming

- April 11 - 16, 2017 -

Rachel Deutsch direct a new musical by Joe Kelly Aliens Coming will premiere at the People’s Improv Theater, 123 E 24th St, New York City, April 11 – 16.
Brandi has a problem. She’s now under the mind-control of aliens from another planet intent on taking over our world! A pawn of their sinister designs, she delivers hypnotic propaganda in order to assist our future overlords in harvesting the genitals of the entire human race.

You can find the show on Broadway World here!
A review of the show here!
As well as an interview about the show here!