An nun freaking out because of an obscene statement she found written about her ... oh must be Lilly's fault. See what happens when she's blamed in front of the entire class in Peter Williamson's hilarious piece Holy Mary. 



Promotional Video for Rideo Media

Gravity Blanket Promotional Work

Gravity Blanket Promotional Work

Gravity Blanket Promotional Work



An Original Essay “Welcome to New York City”
- Performed at “The Myriad Presents - Art Night”


Trained in Stilt walking, clowning, and Escrima fighting. Here's when we put it together for a staged fight! 

WHAT I I... (Web Series) Created by Nat Roberts
Rachel Stars as Jamie

What if Jamie lets Linus buy milk to make cookies? Will it result in delicious snickerdoodles or a zombie apocalypse? (Hint: There are no snickerdoodles in this video) 

What if Jamie buys a new table on Craigslist? Will it really bring the room together, or just get her kidnapped by a maniac? (Hint: Shop at IKEA, kids)

What if Jamie goes out with Tess? Will it be a delightful bonding experience, or draw them into the international cheese black market? (Hint: Why not both?)

What if Jamie takes Ibuprofen? Will it clear up her cold symptoms or put her in a decade-spanning coma? (Hint: I hope she has comfy pjs.)

What if Jamie tells Linus how she feels about him? Will she spontaneously combust or get abducted by aliens? (Hint: Sorry kids, you're on your own with this one)