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The Myriad is a company I began in August of 2017 that I am currently the Creative Director, Visual Art Curator, and Host Of. We are an artists collective who creates the event Art Night. We host over 40 artists Art Night, a live multimedia event made up of a cocktail and performance hour, featuring all new original work from a myriad of up and coming artists. Our event is made up of an array of paintings, photography, poetry, spoken word, films, short scenes, staged readings, dance, comedy, and original music. You can see more and what’s coming next on our website:

As the creative director my job is to collaborate with my producers about the overall vibe of the show.

  • Where it is located - we’ve gone from an artist’s loft garage in Brooklyn, to an upscale music school in the West Village, followed by a chic backyard in Soho.

  • How we will be displaying the art - we use projectors, handmade 6ft contraptions to view short films, and lots of thumbtacks.

  • How we keep our audience excited - open bar, pizza, an art that makes you think beyond ‘I like it’ or ‘I don’t like it.’

When I curate the visual art for the show I go on a lot of gut instinct and Instagram stocking. I have met the most beautiful unique artists from this job in place’s I never would have expected. Visual Artists of all kinds - digital animators, photographers, crafters, painters, claymation artists, cartoonists, drawers, charcoal artists, sculptors - I can’t wait to see what’s next.

For hosting, I try to get up and introduce to the show to make everyone feel safe, welcomed, and free to keep drinking!

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